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Hazardous Cargo Handing

The expression "Dangerous" brings to mind security standards to saw in handle. We call ourselves a specialist in dealing with equivalent to each insurance is taken by us to safeguard individuals and the marine climate.

AWS - India has a strong commitment to principles of safety, health and environmental protection in the storage, transportation and delivery of dangerous goods. Severe controls are set up to guarantee that these cargoes are dealt with securely. We are experts in shipping & moving hazardous cargo that are fully compliant with DG Regulations in Indian Ports & at Destination Ports. We specialize in handling the issuance of dangerous goods declaration, classification, packing, re-packing, labelling and transportation.

We have built a reputation of being experts in the world of hazardous cargo, and are often contacted by other forwarders and liners for advice.

AWS has a dedicated desk who is well trained at all levels of the supply chain and regularly update ourselves to keep abreast with the latest technology and issues furthermore, guidelines to adjust to the protected vehicle of perilous freight by surface, ocean or air.

When you are sending us an inquiry for small shipments or complete loads of hazardous goods to AWS support team, please include following relevant information:-

  • The type of dangerous cargo you need to be shipped
  • It’s intended use
  • The class of the cargo
  • The quantity / volumes or pieces
  • The packing, or whether you would like AWS expert team to take care of the packing for you.